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New Build Mortgages

Finding your dream new build home is exciting but buying a new build comes with its own special set of challenges. Once you’ve paid a reservation fee, the clock starts. You must exchange contracts by a certain date, or you risk losing your dream home.

If you’re like most people, you’ll be a little worried about getting your mortgage in place. Getting the right mortgage adds complexity. Many banks require a higher deposit for new build homes, which can make getting a mortgage harder or spending more of your savings than you planned. Finding the best rate is another challenge.

If you’re using a special scheme or have incentives from the developer, it can complicate the mortgage process. Also, if your new home won’t be ready for a while, a mortgage offer that expires before you move in won’t help, as you need it to remain valid until you can finalise the purchase.

There’s a lot to consider and applying to multiple lenders in the hope of finding one that will accept you and offer good terms can harm your credit rating and waste time.

At Dupree & Co, we understand these challenges. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve helped hundreds of new build purchasers buy their home, securing them an affordable mortgage, quickly and hassle free.

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We work closely with a large number of specialist lenders and know which offer lower deposit mortgages, accept special schemes and incentives. We know which have longer mortgage offer periods or allow an extension if there is a delay with your home being ready. Once we know which lenders match your needs, we compare their rates to get you a great deal, so that you mortgage costs you as little as possible.

Also, we don’t charge advice fees for new build mortgages, from your first chat to submitting your mortgage application and getting your mortgage offer promptly.

Open the door to your dream new build home. Fill out our online form today, and one of our friendly advisers will call you.

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Why choose us?

No advice fees

We understand that buying a new build home comes with extra costs on top of the usual legal fees and stamp duty. You might have carpets, curtains and lots of other things to pay for. The good news is you won’t find our broker fee on that list.

Here’s why: We get paid by the mortgage lenders. Some mortgage advisers charge an extra fee on top of this payment for their service, but we think it wouldn’t be fair for us to do so when it comes to our new build mortgage advice service. This is because we specialise in new build mortgages, so we already have the knowledge and expertise needed to find the right mortgage for you.

Unlike other mortgage advisers we don’t have to spend hours researching your options. This means we can provide you with an expert, speedy service without any additional advice fees.

Personal, friendly and flexible

You’ll have a dedicated new build mortgage adviser who will get to know you, your circumstances and understand your needs with a mortgage. They will explain the options, answer your questions and provide advice as to the best way forward. 

Your adviser’s email and mobile number will be at your fingertips making it simple to get in touch with them. Meetings can be carried out using video or phone calls, whichever suits you best. You are also welcome to come to our office to meet them. 

We offer flexible appointment times to fit around you which means you don’t need to take time off work to receive advice from us. 

Our new build advisers are supported by our friendly mortgage case managers Jay, Rhys and Sheila. Together, they are dedicated to providing you with an excellent and efficient service.

Fast service

When time is of the essence for exchanging contracts, getting your mortgage offer quickly is crucial.

We use our expert knowledge and advanced technology to get your mortgage application moving fast. Our tech allows us to run assessments with multiple lenders, cross-referencing your credit file without affecting your credit score. This helps us identify lenders most likely to approve your mortgage and determine how much they’ll lend you.
Through our customer portal, you can easily and securely upload the necessary documents required by the lender, allowing us to submit your mortgage application quickly.

Your dedicated mortgage adviser is supported by mortgage case managers who oversee your application’s progress, ensuring swift responses to any queries from the lender. This ensures your mortgage application is fully assessed as quickly as possible so that your mortgage offer is in your hands as soon as possible.

Save time, money and hassle

The chances are you’re already super busy without enough hours in the day. With our service we’ll quickly find the right mortgage for you, hassle free. 

There are lots of things you can do yourself, but with your dream home at stake we don’t think being a DIY mortgage adviser should be one of them. We’re not doubting that you couldn’t find a mortgage, but finding the right mortgage for your new build home quickly is something else altogether. 

Really importantly, with everything costing more these days, paying more than you need to each month on your mortgage is money down the drain that could be spent on so many other much nicer things. 

On top of getting your mortgage in place we’ll also join the dots with your solicitor and the developer, so there is no need for you to take time out of your day to keep them in the loop with your mortgage.

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Dupree and Co. – Super Friendly Mortgage Advice.

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